Category: All Natural, Big Tits, Ines Cudna, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 30 September 2019 Worker Worker

Ines fulfills another popular fantasy. She's found this construction site and has taken over the property. Knowing how to wear the proper protective gear for this kind of work is very important. Ines has taken every precaution in this department. She's donned a sports bra one size too small, a see-through belly shirt and denim shorts chopped so high, her bubble-butt asscheeks can be seen a mile away. Ines certainly knows how to protect herself. The reason you don't see any of her co-workers in these photographs is because they have already been transported to the hospital from falling off ladders, driving bulldozers into each other, tripping over power cables and accidentally cutting off their legs and arms with power saws. An investigation by the Workers' State Safety Board into how this could have happened as soon as Ines arrived at work will be underway as soon as the Safety Officials stop jacking off in the Portable Toilets.

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