The Spy Who Came

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 27 December 2018 The Spy Who Came The Spy Who Came

Danni looks ready to crack some foreign embassy's safe and fly out the window with their formula for nipple cream. "I started enjoying my breasts when I started dancing," Danni told a SCORE editor. "That's when I first started seeing them as an asset. Up to that point, they were really just a burden. It wasn't until I started dancing that people would say to me "Your breasts are so beautiful." The very first place I started dancing was Sugars in Seattle. I had a double date planned with my best friend. She came home and told me she couldn't go because she was going to do a dancing contest. She and another friend went and won first and second place. They kept dancing and finally after a month they talked me into it. I made like 50 bucks in an hour and I couldn't believe it. I was making $3.45 at Orange Julius. To me, $50 was two days work and I made it in an hour. That's why I started!" But Danni's stripper life would take an unexpected turn!

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