Sexy Blow Dry

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 7 December 2018 Sexy Blow Dry Sexy Blow Dry

Valory Irene is a hairstylist in a salon. Cha-ching. You have found the hair cutter of your dreams. Valory's boobs overflow out of her low-cut yellow blouse. Do you trust this girl with a razor and your neck? With a girl who looks like this, the answer is a no brainer. Valory teases her customers with her deep cleavage, then slowly strips out of her hot outfit to tantalize you with her fantastically-built body and beautiful face. Will she blow you? What do you think is in her hand? A telephone? Yes, she'll blow you! And comb your hair too! Actually, what's in her hand is a toy and it's not salon-approved. But she's going to please herself in front of you. Damn the rules! Has there been a sexier, better-built hairstylist than Valory? Every salon should have a Valory on staff.

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