SaRenna And Minka

Category: Big Tits, Girl Girl, Lesbian, Photo | Date: 9 August 2019 SaRenna And Minka SaRenna And Minka

On Mammazon Island, SaRenna and Minka couldn't decide whether to concentrate on each others' boobs or on each others' pussies, so they compromised and decided to concentrate on both. It's the most intimate stuff they've ever done and that's counting the Boob Cruises they have been on together. There's only one sight in the world better than a pair of big tits in a tropical setting, and that's two pairs of big tits in a tropical setting. On this day, for Minka and SaRenna, the opportunity was ripe for them to get to know each other better. Licking and squeezing and bumping their massive facewarmers only hardened their nipples more. And then the shaving started. This is the complete pictorial from April 2002 SCORE Magazine. For even more Tit-anic thrills, log-on to, packed and stacked with hundreds of digital pictorials of Tit-ans Kayla, Minka, Casey James, Maxi Mounds, SaRenna and Plenty UpTopp that will never be seen in print. Their two-hour video, Mega-Boob Olympics, is one of the most unique and novel big-tit videos ever made.

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