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Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 27 December 2018 Office Worker Office Worker

Stacy Vandenberg is not your average office executive. No way. Her long skirt which goes way past her knees is a conservative office garment but the sheer white blouse that shows what kind of bra she's wearing means that Stacy has the executive privilege to dress as she pleases. Her eyeglasses add an authoritative touch.

Stacy removes her blouse and does some desk work on her laptop. At her level of corporate power, she can work in her bra if she wants to. No male co-workers will complain.

Stacy removes her bra and skirt, puts her blouse back on, then takes if off and parades around her executive suite in her high heels. Stacy enjoys wearing thong panties that show her beautiful cheeks. She goes back to her laptop work to finish her project. Every office needs a Stacy Vandenberg.

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