Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 4 August 2018 Natalie's Anatomy Lesson Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

'Fess up. Have you ever had a schoolteacher as busty as Natalie Fiore? Have you ever had a schoolteacher as busty and as pregnant as Natalie?

Natalie has the pointer in her hands and the pointers under her extremely low-cut top. There may be a dress code for students but none for the faculty. Natalie's massive mams look ready to plop out of her top and bra and engulf the classroom.

Natalie's lesson plan for today is all about sex education, pregnancy, female breasts and the female reproductive organs, namely her own sweet sugar-box. She perches on top of her desk for a big-boob and spread pussy lesson in anatomy no one will ever forget. She may seem strict but she's really a push-over.

Don't we all wish we had teachers like Miss Fiore?

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