Natalie Fiore: Naughty in Nassau

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 15 December 2018 Natalie Fiore: Naughty in Nassau Natalie Fiore: Naughty in Nassau

This up-close and personal time with Natalie Fiore must unfortunately come to an end. The last date with the Euro-seductress is on the beach in the final chapter of Naughty In Nassau. Natalie strolls over, barely contained in a tight red bikini. She looks fantastic. There may be other tourists on this island paradise who come close to matching Natalie's shapely body and enormous, real hooters but no one saw any. What is also so great about Natalie besides the obvious is how much she loves her breasts and loves to keep them in motion and play with them. She absolutely has a breast fetish that matches any male boob-lover's. Natalie kicks off her flip-flops and gets cozy in a section of the beach that's hidden from any spying eyes. As she basks in the surf, her bikini is flung aside. Most girls would not be chatty at this point but Natalie enjoys speaking intimately and erotically. She has a lot to say and she says it well. The sun is sinking into the horizon as we leave her. It will be night soon. Natalie will be going back to the house to pack her suitcase, preparing to fly back to Paris in the morning. She'll sleep well tonight. The Bahamas won't be the same without her.

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