Micky & The Big Bouncy Ball

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 13 February 2019 Micky & The Big Bouncy Ball Micky & The Big Bouncy Ball

It's gym time and lovely Micky Bells has some big, heavy bells to swing and shake. She uses a portion of her workout session to bounce on a fitness ball. This is the real reason training balls were invented. We will not be fooled. Obviously, a tit-man originally designed them.

Micky, do you like sports?

Micky: I don't play sports. I like to take walks.

What about special abilities?

Micky: Nothing I can think of. Maybe that I can suck my boobs without hands.

What makes you laugh?

Micky: Cats. And my kid.

Do you watch any favorite television shows?

Micky: Not just one. I have a list.

Do you have any girlfriends with breasts like yours? We wish you did.

Micky: I have. But not as big as mine.

If that ever changes, let us know.

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