Ines’ Daily Routine

Category: All Natural, Big Tits, Ines Cudna, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 26 August 2019 Ines' Daily Routine Ines' Daily Routine

Ines has come home from university where she studies mechanical engineering and other subjects she's required to take. She's tired and hot but this shower will refresh her. Then she'll take a break, play some CDs, watch some television (a motor racing show if she's lucky) and then have dinner. After dinner, she'll walk her doggies, study for several hours and do her homework. Then Ines will brush her teeth, get into her jammies, close the door of her bedroom, go to bed and masturbate with her vibrator inserted into her gorgeous pussy until she cums with a shuddering orgasm that puts her to sleep. Before she goes to sleep, she re-opens her bedroom door or her beloved doggies and cat will scratch on the door. Tomorrow is another day of school and she needs her rest.

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