Floral Bra & Panties

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 25 October 2018 Floral Bra & Panties Floral Bra & Panties

Exactly how did Stacy become a model? The brunette stunner described her pathway to the camera and big-bust fame.

"Last summer, I went with my friend to buy a new bra for myself. We went around to a huge number of stores and finally found what we were looking for. In the fitting room, we shot a lot of cool photos for my boyfriend.

"Some days later, I saw on Instagram, a store that sells bras for girls with big chests, and in one of the posts they wrote that they were looking for new faces for the store.

"I sent them the funniest photo I had taken in the fitting room, just like that, without seriousness. An hour later, they answered and invited me to come meet them. I was in shock! I did it for fun. After getting to know them, they invited me to model for their store, I agreed."

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