First date requirements

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 10 November 2018 First date requirements First date requirements

"I want a man to be a gentleman forever, but on a first date, it's a requirement," said Natalie. "It's a condition. Otherwise, I just cancel everything. Sometimes that's not always easy, but I have to have self control, too. I've been with some men who I really wanted to have sex with and would have been willing to almost anytime, anywhere, but I still kept my composure and did not let it happen too soon. I don't want to go to anyone's house yet. And every time, waiting at least a little while made it better when we finally did have sex together. So I guess I'm kind of a mystery. I love sex and I am very open about it, but I am selective and I won't jump into bed with just any guy who comes along, I don't care how handsome he is, or rich or anything else. I have to want him, respect him and get to know him at least some. Then, watch out!"

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