Autumn’s Jackin’ Balls

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 3 December 2018 Autumn's Jackin' Balls Autumn's Jackin' Balls

Autumn-Jade, a ripped t-shirt, blue jean cut- offs and a big red rubber ball in a sunny garden. Sounds like a recipe for a very jackable set of pictures from our down-home fleshpillow favorite. We can hear our trusty photographer's voice as he directs her. "Alright, honey, lift the t-shirt and unzip the jean shorts." Click-click. "That's beautiful. Now lift the ball over your head." Click. Click. "Phenomenal. Now grab the ball between your legs and hoist it up in the air so's we can see your pussy." Click. Click. "Outstanding." Click. Click. Click. "That's terrific, Autumn, honey. Pay with your nipples. Oh yeah." Click. Click. Click. Now it's your turn. Click on any picture you want. Get out the lube. Make sure your boner's all greased up. Jack. Jack. Jack. It's so easy to have fun with Autumn-Jade.

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