Autumn In Her Pink Nighty

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 10 September 2018 Autumn In Her Pink Nighty Autumn In Her Pink Nighty

Peek-a-boo nighties and see-through panties don't keep Autumn warm at night but this stuff sure heats up a man's blood. Autumn's phenomenal boobs once again yearn to break free of this restrictive material. That's what they told us--her boobs told our photographers this. But first Autumn has fun playing the lingerie in different ways. "I usually wear plain old PJs when I go to bed or sweats if it's winter time. I do wear undies like this during special times with that special someone. I don't get much sleep when I do!"

"I sure hope everyone's enjoying the video clips of Ultimate Autumn," says Autumn. "Does anyone have any special ideas for new photo shoots in the SCORE studio. Don't forget I mean indoor shoots. Send them to the editor."

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