A Day On The Water

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 28 August 2018 A Day On The Water A Day On The Water

Her huge natural boobs spilling out of the sides of her too-small bikini top, Japan's top bust star Hitomi gets to spend a real Miami day out on the water. Speeding along in a power cruiser, Hitomi and her SCORE friends head to a little-known, odd site explored a few years ago in a public-television film.

Built in the 1930s, Stiltsville is a deserted group of wood shacks and houses built on stilts one mile south of Cape Florida on the sand banks of the Safety Valve near Biscayne Bay in Miami. At one time, it boomed with salty dudes and mermaids.

Hitomi pilots the speeding boat for a while, the first time she's ever done this. She hands the wheel over to the captain and goes aft to pole dance as they skim across the water. Hitomi is a very good, sexy pole dancer! The boat skims over the water as Hitomi slides and climbs the pole with skillful moves.

Once they get to one of the Stiltsville houses, Hitomi explores the history-rich structure as the camera explores Hitomi's incredible body. She sucks and plays with her big boobs and roams the decks as we roam Hitomi's body. The Magic City across the water is an impressive sight behind her but nowhere near as impressive as the natural wonders of this girl named Hitomi, on the loose in Miami.

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