A Brush With The House Painter

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 13 September 2019 A Brush With The House Painter A Brush With The House Painter

This is a first: a guy touching SaRenna and feeling up her boobs before he splits so she can complete the pictorial solo. In 1998, SCORELAND posted a series of SaRenna-in-bondage photos with a guy who tickled her feet while she was tied up. (They are no longer on the site so don't look for them if you belong to SCORELAND.Com.) This is the first time ever in a real pictorial that a male has fondled and palmed SaRenna's titties. It takes a lucky man to get to pinch those famous nipples.

At home, SaRenna paints in her free time, and even brought down her easel and paints to Mammazon Island during the Mega-Boob Olympics.

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