Good With A Pole

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 22 October 2018 Good With A Pole Good With A Pole

All right, gentlemen. We know you expect us to make all kinds of cheap jokes about poles, hooks and worms just because Autumn-Jade's going fishing. So we will. As Autumn says, "You need three things to land a big ole fish. A stiff pole, but not so stiff as it can't flex when you need it to; a big hook, but not so big it won't fit in the fish's mouth; and a juicy worm, 'bout as juicy as you can get, where that worm-juice is just flyin' all over the place." With that kind of talk, Autumn-Jade, you can reel us in anytime. "Oh yeah, and one more thing." What's that? "My favorite dildo." Why, pray tell? "Well, shucks, I could be waitin' a long time, and I gotta have a little fun 'fore the fish show up!" Autumn-Jade, you're a catch and a half.

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