London Calling

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 15 June 2018 London Calling London Calling

SCORE: You posed three months pregnant for a set that ran in Feb 06 SCORE, but no further after that. What prompted you to pose a second time and this time so visibly pregnant LORNA: When I was pregnant with my son Leo I was so worried about what my fans may make of it. Up until then, I was just a model and fantasies of a model, a single girl, are not difficult to have. I imagined that becoming a mother might put off a lot of my new fans and maybe some of my loyal fans. I wasn't certain how I felt about it and I wasn't convinced that modeling nude when so obviously pregnant would be taken well by my family. It's a very private thing to do. I had to think of my family and what they might think. I guess second time around I wasn't so worried and I had already been given the title of Mummy for two years so I felt more confident about it. SCORE: How many months pregnant with twins are you in these photos? When did you discover you were pregnant, was it after Eleuthera and Big Boob Paradise? LORNA: I was 23 weeks pregnant. I didn't even try to get pregnant until after I returned home from Eleuthera. The idea of working in the first three months didn't appeal to me because it is exhausting and hormones rage at this stage. It's not a good time to be working away from home and meeting new people plus I really wanted my baby to be born during the warmer months. I planned Leo that way so he would be born in June. It's healthier with less viruses going around. I just happen to be really fertile so I got home from the trip and on the first attempt, I managed to conceive. It was like that the first time too.

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