Space Age Danni

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 14 June 2018 Space Age Danni Space Age Danni

This spaced-out pictorial, reminiscent of British sci-fi TV shows UFO and Space: 1999, was shot in October, 1995. Today, that entire bank of computers could fit into a laptop and slipped into Danni's purse. This set would forecast Danni's life in computers. In January 2000, Danni talked about the early days with Adult Industry News: "I had several bad experiences as a feature dancer and it was time to make a change. I was planning on taking a computer programming class at the Computer Learning Center, and fortunately for me I had some time to kill. I kept hearing about the Internet and I didn't understand what it was. So I went out and bought software and some books, and got online with Netcom Net Cruiser. I had also been hearing my pictures were all over the newsgroups, so I wanted to check that out as well. When I got online I went straight away to the newsgroups because at the time in early '95 the newsgroups were a dynamic place to be. I really got sucked in talking to people and interacting with people on and And I remember the first time I clicked on that little icon to go to the Web. The link didn't go anywhere. My modem was just too slow so it really didn't work. So to me the Internet really was Usenet. The Web really didn't compute at that time. I bought the HTML Manual of Style to learn form and function, and I bought Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital for inspiration."

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