Suction Power

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 8 June 2018 Suction Power Suction Power

Valory sets the scene with her amazing, heavenly bod--so slim and stacked--stretching blue monokini-cut lingerie and sheer pink panties. The straps don't quite cover Valory's wide areolae as they contour to her ski-sloped boobs, leaving about an inch of areolae exposed on both sides. Valory grooves to the music, gyrating while she looks into the bathroom mirror and runs her hands up and down her natural resources. Transfixed, she's breastnotized by her own tatas and dangles them over the sink. Under the sink is a special device. It's a motorized breast pump. It's time to pump up and Valory's got the nipples for it!

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