Couch Tomato

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 6 June 2018 Couch Tomato Couch Tomato

Just another lazy afternoon with Desirae...she poses and pouts, rolling on the sofa like a pussycat. Desirae wants to play. The air is warm and wet, and so is she. "I sure like this dress with all these pretty wild flowers. But ain't it kinda hot in here?" Can't keep that dress on, as usual. She acts like it's just the sticky air that makes her want to take it off. But we know better. Give Desirae a reason to pose and expose, and she's totally bare before you can say 'boo'. "I'm a natural girl," says Desirae. "And if we were meant to wear clothes, how come we're all born butt naked?" Desirae giggles like a little girl. But she's all woman. And what a whole lot of woman she is. "I'd like to get my picture painted sometime. You know, in the nude, like those highfalutin' women useta do for that famous artist fella. Sure can't remember his name. But, heck, you know who I mean!" The name 'Rubens' comes to mind, Desirae. But we don't want to talk about art. We don't want to talk about wild flowers. In fact, we don't want to talk about anything. We just want to enjoy you...sweet, fuckable you.

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