The Body Of Your Dreams

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 16 May 2018 The Body Of Your Dreams The Body Of Your Dreams

Micky Bells is a knockout, her low-cut blue top, laced up the front, and her tight, blue shorts can barely contain her ripe, voluptuous curves. She knows how to dress for success. Her hair in pigtails this time, looking like the Rubenesque girl-next-door, Micky lowers her top to show how her bra keeps her 36J naturals in captivity. She's got to free them from this prison of cups and straps and let them dangle free.

What Micky does over the next 20 minutes is something you have to see for yourself in "The Body Of Your Dreams." If you love seeing chicks suck on their own nipples, you'll see one of the greatest self-suckers. How did Micky like playing with Terri Jane and Gya Roberts in Jamaica and making the movie "Montego Babes"?

From trying on lingerie to running around an estate in bikinis or wearing the air, they had a bouncing wet time. "We had so much fun because we were in the tropics in Jamaica and the weather was very nice. I like Gya and Terri a lot. They are both very sweet and funny. We did a scene with water guns and we were running and squirting each other. I liked that." Micky rings those bells!

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