Angelique’s Workout

Category: Big Tits, Busty Angelique, Photo, Solo | Date: 19 February 2018 Angelique's Workout Angelique's Workout

Pecs, gluts, abs, and lats are what it's all about. And Angelique has some of the best pecs you'll ever see! The pink sweat band she wears is just a hint of the pink you'll see later. See: Angelique on the bench press! Marvel at: Angelique on the sexercise bike! Be amazed by: Angelique at the punching bag! You will do more than just work up a sweat exercising your eyes and doing your own weight-lifting. This pictorial was among the first of her modeling sessions at the John Graham Studio in London but it was a more "formal" living room set that became her introduction to SCORE men in the winter of 1994.

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