SCORE One For Autumn

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 28 January 2018 SCORE One For Autumn SCORE One For Autumn

When Autumn-Jade was posing for this outdoor shoot in an Oriental garden (what is it with the exotic locations anyway?) she couldn't resist fondling the rather well endowed statues, and asking about ancient Chinese sex techniques. Y'see, Autumn is a deep thinker. How deep? "'Bout as deep as I can shove it in," she said. But seriously, folks, A-J thinks people are just too uptight about sex. "Sex is all about havin' fun," she declares. "When I stuff my hot holes with dildo and cock I'm just havin' a good ole time. You know, it sure beats hangin' out at the mall and stuffin' your face with double stuffed crust pizza. Sex is good for you, so any kind of sex you have is just fine. Even if it's with yourself." SCORE one for Autumn.

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