Snakes And Ladders

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 19 January 2018 Snakes And Ladders Snakes And Ladders

How does the song go? "Come on, baby you know it hurts so good." We swear this time, SaRenna's got us so turned on we hurt ourselves. SaRenna in ripped fishnets and stilettos -- ouch! Looking up at her shelf as she climbs a ladder -- yowww! SaRenna makes our snake dance! Watching her pull her panties aside to show us that purr-fect platinum bush -- owoooo! SaRenna wants to give us a panoramic view of her back door? Open sesame! How about a little butt smacking and titty slapping with a riding crop -- hit me! And no SaRenna session would be complete without the displaying, the fondling, the worshipping of her ever sumptuous super-stack, those impeccable globes we forever dream of creaming on. To cap it off, why not decorate her delicate nipples with a pair of dangling devices from a bondage specialist who just happens to be an inveterate SaRenna fan? Baby, you know it hurts so good!

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