Autumn In Blue Jeans

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 26 December 2017 Autumn In Blue Jeans Autumn In Blue Jeans

The Secrets Of Autumn-Jade

Chinese people believe jade has supernatural power. We think our Jade does also. For thousands of years, jade was the symbol of love, morality and virtue in China. Confucius said that jade has 11 virtues, including benevolence, loyalty, manners, intelligence and sincerity. He forgot the 12th virtue...stuffing a pair of blue jeans like nobody's business.

Chiu Jin was a female warrior and revolutionary who fought to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, founded by the Manchus from 1644-1911 A.D. Her name, Chiu Jin, translated into English is...Autumn Jade.

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