Natalie Burns Up The Kitchen

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 25 November 2017 Natalie Burns Up The Kitchen Natalie Burns Up The Kitchen

Natalie Fiore has perfect taste in picking the right tops to showcase her bigger-than-big chest. Case in point: this black & white striped tank-top with cut-outs in the back. Below the waist, she chooses second-skin jeggings and the kind of heels girls wear for bedroom gymnastic. Natalie is set to produce hardwood wherever she goes. Did she fly home from her shoot dressed like that? Seen on DVD in On Location Puerto Vallarta, Natalie continues to add boob flesh to her resume. A man will need to have the hands of Goliath to be able to wrap his fingers around her glorious globes if this continues. She's very capable and helpful in the kitchen, too, as this series of pictures show. When you'd ever get around to having her prepare you a home-cooked meal is a good question. Who could think about eating if Miss Fiore's going to behave like this?

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