Stacked ‘n’ Packed

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 1 November 2017 Stacked 'n' Packed Stacked 'n' Packed

Desirae got herself in trouble again! She stuffed her big naturals into a spanking new white girdle fresh out of the mail order package from Frederick's, just to get our hoses humming and cumming. But you know that Desirae. She just can't keep still. "I mean, really, I just can't seem to keep my panties on," she said. "And I just ordered some new lingerie. It's perfect for playing hooky from the office. Meet me at my place. I'll try it on just for you." She pulls on the straps. Her ta-tas just want to explode out of those overflowing cups. "It's soooo tight. Can't I take it off? Can't I?" Our pants are getting tighter by the second. Desirae notices our major wood, and she's teasing us. Acting shy again, Desirae? She tickles our bulge and then backs away. "No. I've got to control myself for once." Desirae squirms and squeals. "I can't. I can't. I wanna take it off. I've gotta take it all off!"

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