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After Jane and Kelly posed in their birthday suits, they became the most famous mother-daughter modeling team in the U.K. When the girls hit for big money on Deal Or No Deal, the tabs in London learned that they were SCORE Group models and picked up the story. "Kelly and I do a lot of things together," Jane told the newspaper. "I'm helping Kelly decorate her new house at the moment, and we always seem to wear the same clothes." Kelly added, "My mum would go to London with me for my photo shoots. The photographer was always telling her what a great body she has, so after months of persuasion, she agreed to pose with me. I think mum has a great body, and I thought it would boost her confidence. I was glad she was coming along as I knew we would have a laugh together." Video of that photo shoot is part of Kelly's DVD, Alone With Kelly Kay. Jane's pictorial was published in 40Something, Special#147. There are a few copies left in the eBoobStore. It's a collector's item!

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