Boo-Boo Boobs

Category: All Natural, Big Tits, Kelly Kay, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 30 March 2017 Boo-Boo Boobs Boo-Boo Boobs

Poor Kelly. She was sick and in the hospital. Funny thing, though: She doesn't look sick. She looks great. Is it possible she has a chest cold? If so, wouldn't that be the mother of all chest colds? Wouldn't you love to be the doctor who got to examine Kelly's...ahem...lungs? Perhaps Kelly was in the hospital because she has a thing for doctors. Or nurses. Or maybe she just liked to get kinky in public places. Kelly seemed to have the cure for what's ailing her. A good self-sucking always does the trick, as Kelly demonstrates for you. Notice how snugly her finger fits in her pussy, too.

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